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Mattress cleaning

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Does your mattress needs professional cleaning? The best solution for the hygiene of your bed against the dust mites and the bed bugs is Mattress cleaning service of Cleaning Service. Our sanitizing techniques are second to none. Even if you do not realize it, the mattress is where the most microbes lives. They are so harmful to the health. There are several techniques that will help you remove all stains and odors from the mattress and also refresh it.

Typical mattress cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming mattress;
  • Washing mattress;
  • Removing mattresses stains of unknown origin;
  • Removing mattresses stains from urine, pee, vomit;
  • Removing mattresses stains from blood, dogs' waist;
  • Removing the smell of cigarette from the mattress;
  • Special upholstery cleaning chemicals is used;
  • Enzymatic products is used;
  • Washing mattress protectors;
  • Washing mattress pillow top;

Vacuuming is preferred in front of rubbing with a damp cloth because it can leave stains on the mattress surface.

The special upholstery cleaning chemicals are designed for surfaces that touch your body, they are very friendly to the skin, besides destroying mites and their eggs. Enzymes penetrate inside the spot and "destroy" it. The result is that the spot begins to fade.

Like baking soda, our cleaning solution is harmless. The stains of unknown origin is sprayed with an atomizer with a citrus cleaner and stand for 5 minutes. Then gently the liquid is roughly rub with a clean, white blotting paper.

To remove the smell of cigarettes from the mattress, both sides are sprayed with a pack lysol spray. The mattress should dry for a few hours and then is splashed it with a refreshing spray that can catch the smells infused into the mattress and to draw from it. This will leave a light and pleasant smell. After the procedure a hypoallergenic mattress protector is putted (optional).

Here it is some tips: Wash the mattress protectors regularly. If you smoke in this room, mattress protectors washing should be regular, on weekly basis.

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£16 All sizes No matter Single, Double or King size
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I've booked regular domestic cleaning here in Chigwell, paid 50 pounds. The cleaner were quick. I'm happy.

- Rose N. / Non | 10-03-2016

Hi, I love to see Cleaning Service doing their Mattress cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a Bed cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant / Fareham

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